July 19, 2009

First day Tokamachi at 5 AM!!!

Today is a new day!
Tokamachi is opposite to Tokyo... It has space, mountains and the Echigo Tsumari Triennial.
We woke up at the same time the locals do, which is 5 am!!!!! Some of us at 4.30 am to prepare the meeting (CUT team)
Together with our hosting team of villagers we met at the school site to make a first start of cleaning the school area. Our hosts will prepare the facilities and make things tidy and neat around.

Taku and Takahiro prepared the location and the structure acouple of days before we arrived.
It is now time to put the structure net in. From there we can start hanging the thousands dresses.
Have a look how things will develop coming days.

Hardly internet in this area....


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