July 06, 2009

Documentary about wasted

Award winning director Aliona van der Horst will make a documentary about the project wasted.
Aliona has made a number of impressing stories, ranging from the versatile and impressive collection of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg and Amsterdam, portraying Iranians after a severe earthquake, and making a film about the Russian poet Boris Ryzhy. With the last film she won the Silver Wolf Award in 2008 at the International Documentary Festival in Amsterdam.
Aliona follows Tomoko in her creation process on location and will interview the women who are engaging in the project.
Dutch broadcasting company VPRO has commissioned Aliona to make this film. The adventure starts in Japan for the film crew. Aliona is accompanied by Leo Erken (sound) and a Japanese interpreter.

If you want a first copy of the documentary on DVD before it is on sale, check out the website soon for a new section: how to help the project 'wasted'.

Keep you posted,

Marieke Peters
project manager 'wasted'

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