May 20, 2009


On 14th may, we opened our installation to the public for a few hours.

We had 300 visitors in 4 hours.

More than 60 dresses were taken by the women who have engaged to participate the project.

On the same day, late in the evening, we had taken the complete installation down.

Short life, wasted.

All dresses are now at the airport , waiting to take off to Japan.

This is the beginning of a big party.


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amanda said...

hi there, i (finally) found the photos back i took in groningen after we broke the whole installation down in an hour! the film we made, isnt updated yet because it's pretty big.

link for photo's is:

casper says he's an eggplant (that has nothing to do with this at all)

With love,

From holland,

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