March 19, 2011

Please Save JAPAN

19 March 2011
Dear Friends,

I was in Sendai last January, driving with my friend, Yumi Yoshikawa who organizes concerts and exhibitions in that area. Yumi was talking about her last project in Minami-Sanriku (photo above) ,the village 90KM away from Sendai on the coast.
Everyone saw Minami-Sanriku on the TV last week. That was the place where the Tsunami has destroyed and killed half of its inhabitants.

8 days after the earthquake, the survivors are still isolated, don't have water, food, gas nor electricity.
It is freezing there,the situation is far beyond our imagination.
The only thing is that we could do is to donate our money to support them.

Please help them via the Red Cross.
Rode Kruis Nederlands
American Red Cross

I am hoping your thoughts will be with us.
Many thanks to you.

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