March 03, 2010

seattle chamber players

Just got nice review on the concert in Seattle last weekend.


´´Compared to Saturday’s performances, the first night of this year’s festival demanded the most from listeners. Tomoko Mukaiyama teamed up with SCP for two world premieres — Michiel Mensingh’s “Style Wars V, Minimal Madness” and Yannis Kyriakides‘ “Satellites.” Mukaiyama is an accomplished pianist — that was obvious enough by her playing — but ten years ago, she branched out from behind the clavier to become a visual artist as well. It’s hard to say how much of an impact this experience has made on her playing. I noticed a fastidious attention to color and shape in her playing. Phrases glided and pounced. Notes bristled with urgency and lingered in the air. In both pieces, music was transformed into art greater than just the notes in a score.´´

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