April 29, 2009


On April 27, we have started preparing for the world-premiere of 'wasted' installation at Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial.
Grand Theatre of Groningen, Holland, is letting us use their hall for the mockup for the coming
3 weeks.

After a first kick-off meeting at the theatre, we started with the enthusiastic crew of volunteers who assigend to help. They are all interested in the arts and are, like us, looking forward to bringing this project to life. Altogether there are 14 people working with us everyday....

You can take a look at some photos from our first day below.

4月27日月曜日、オランダ北部の街フローニンゲンの劇場「グランドシアター」にて、 作品制作作業を開始しました。


初日はスタッフ一同が劇場のホワイエで顔合わせ、向井山朋子本人からプロジェクトの概要をお話した後、劇場ディレクターがこれからの作業について ブリーフィングを行いました。

We soak all the dresses in a flame-retardant liquid first, then hang them one by one to dry.


Some hundred dresses hanging from the ceiling.


The sound of the liquid droping down from the bottom of the dresse were like raindrops.


On May 14, we will have an 'open-house' at the theatre.People will come to see how the installation in Echigo-Tsumari will look like.

5月14日にはシアターでオープンハウスを行い、地元の方たちやシアター関係者ら をお招きしてインスタレーションのプレゼンテーションを行う予定です。


'wasted' Japan team
Kie Ichimura

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